Water-Soluble Cleaning Products

Our products have been designed for all areas of cleaning in mind. This next section categorises all specific areas of cleaning, highlighting the key products per area. Also included in each section is a link to a detailed list of products we recommend for each area. Products can be supplied in either box or a pouch, based upon requirements.

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150 Million Single-Use Bottles Saved From Our Oceans & Landfill

Minimising our impact on the environment is at the core of everything we do. Over the last 25 years we have worked with our customers to eliminate single-use plastic from their supply chain.

259,220 Triggers / 1 litre bottles
25,871 5 litre containers
24.1 Tonne Total plastic weight saved

Figures in weight for the amount of plastic leading company has saved in 2019/2020* through using the PVA system and re-useable bottles.

* Assuming a trigger / 1ltr bottle weight at 83gm and a 5ltr container weight at 103g

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Environmental Benefits

Minimising our impact on the environment is at the core of everything we do.

Our sachets have removed the problem of plastic waste and our mission for the future is to reduce the ‘final mile’ – the distance between us (the manufacturer) and you (the user).

The PVA Hygiene system and the reusable nature of our bottles create a variety of benefits.

Reduce Carbon Footprint By 95% Compared to transporting liquid concentrates, PVA Hygiene products result in no transportation of water.
No Single-Use Plastic Our bottles are designed to be durable and last a lifetime. Through reusing our bottles, the system reduces waste by 90% compared to using traditional commercial cleaning solutions.
Biodegradable, Pre-Dosed Formulations No risk of chemical overdosing, which has the potential to negatively impact the environment.
Planet Friendly Packaging All of our packaging is recyclable, and our pouches are also compostable.
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Benefits Of The System

The PVA Hygiene system is a safe and easy process for operatives to use. It can help reduce business costs associated with the transportation and usage of cleaning products.

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Best Selling Products

Our cleaning sachets are made from biodegradable materials and are designed to be used with reusable spray bottles or in a bucket or machine. We eliminate the need for disposable plastic bottles. By choosing PVA Hygiene, you can be confident that you are making a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

We offer competitive prices and fast delivery times, so you can be sure that you’ll get the products you need, when you need them. Start your PVA Hygiene journey today and find the perfect solution for your cleaning and sustainable needs.

PVA Hygiene products dramatically save space in storage and transportation, reducing costs. We enable businesses to eliminate all single-use plastic from their cleaning, while not compromising on cleaning power.


A Leading Uk Developer And Manufacturer Of Water-Soluble Cleaning Products

PVA Hygiene provides an innovative and sustainable method of professional cleaning products for multiple organisations in the marketplace.

We cover all areas of commercial cleaning. Over 25 years we have developed a system using pre-dosed sachets that is straightforward to implement and balances environmental diligence with commercial demands.

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