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UK Green Business Awards Manufacturer of the Year 2023

PVA Hygiene Wins Prestigious UK Green Business Award for Manufacturer of the Year

The atmosphere was electric, the competition fierce, and the stakes higher than ever. It was the 2023 UK Green Business Awards, and we were thrilled to be there among leading eco-conscious manufacturers for a night of celebration and recognition. Among them, PVA Hygiene stood tall, ultimately claiming the coveted title of Manufacturer of the Year!

The inaugural UK Green Business Awards in 2023 was a testament to the growing importance of environmental sustainability. Leading companies from various sectors had come together to compete in the spirit of eco-conscious innovation, with each participant showcasing their remarkable efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

The success of the UK Green Business Awards can be attributed in part to the event organizers who ensured that every detail was impeccable. The organizers left no stone unturned in making the event a grand celebration of sustainability, with small details like a Vegan Carbon Neutral 3 course meal a really refreshing change to the usual award night food!  Speakers like Ed Miliband, a prominent advocate for climate action, lent their voices to the event. Their impassioned speeches served as a rallying cry for all those present, emphasizing the urgency of our collective mission to combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

PVA Hygiene’s victory in the Manufacturer of the Year category was a real honour to all of the team, making the hours of hard work by every member of staff worth it. It sent a powerful message that businesses can thrive while prioritizing environmental ethics. PVA Hygiene’s success hopefully will inspire others to re-evaluate their own practices and look for ways to make a positive impact.

All of us at PVA Hygiene would like to send a big thank you to UKGBA organisers and judges for a truly memorable night. To all the amazing companies in attendance we can only be grateful to have shared our evening with you; it has reaffirmed to us all that the future of UK Business is well and truly heading towards a better and brighter future.