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Cleaner Sanitiser


Cleaner Sanitiser is based on PVA Hygiene’s unique Aqua-Dis PDCS9 technology. Sachets contain a blend of biodegradable chelates, together with biodegradable surfactants and a cationic disinfectants. The product is designed for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Cleaner Sanitiser is biodegradable, safe for use on normal materials of construction, safe for use on food contact surfaces, and when used as directed this product conforms to EN13697, EN1276 and EN1650.

Sachets are supplied in the following Pack Sizes:-

Pack Size Sachet Type Order Code Outer packaging
20 * 10g PVA-OH Z4:20 Box
20 *10g PVA-OH B4:20 Pouch
20 *10g Paper PB4 :20 Pouch
  • Supplied in a convenient water soluble PVA-OH or Paper sachets within a compostable container.
  • Broad Spectrum Activity.
  • Phosphate Free.
  • Identifiable Colour.