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Aqua Multi Purpose


Aqua Multi Purpose Hard Surface Detergent is a multipurpose surface detergent suitable for floors, worktops, shelves etc. The water soluble sachets allow for convenient and safe dosing and assist with stock control. Sachets contain a blend of environmentally friendly chelates, together with alkaline builders and biodegradable surfactants.

Sachets are supplied in the following Pack Sizes:-

Pack Size Sachet Type Order Code Outer packaging
100 * 10g PVA-OH X3:100 Box
150 * 6g PVA-OH X3:150 Box
20 * 8g PVA-OH A3:20 Pouch
30 * 6g PVA-OH A3:30 Pouch
150 * 6g PVA-OH A3:150 Pouch
20 * 8g Paper PA3:20 Pouch
60 * 10g Paper PA3:60 Pouch
20 * 6g Paper PA3:100 Pouch
  • Supplied in a convenient PVA-OH or Paper water soluble sachet within a compostable container.
  • Phosphate Free.
  • EDTA Free.
  • Identifiable Colour.