Our Story

PVA Hygiene provide an innovative and sustainable method of cleaning.


At PVA Hygiene, we provide high quality and effective cleaning products that help you exceed your sustainability target. 

A specific cleaning powder is encapsulated in a water soluble sachet which, when added to a volume of water, creates a perfect cleaning solution.

As the sachets are dry, compact and light, they reduce storage space, transportation costs and heavily reduce the environmental implications often associated with delivering industrial cleaning supplies.Every element has been developed to help reduce single-use plastic waste and encourage movement towards a more sustainable cleaning solution.


To see how our PVA sachets and formulations balance environmental diligence with commercial demands, please see our benefits page.


At PVA Hygiene we are dedicated to innovation, quality and performance. Our water soluble sachet cleaning products are revolutionary in concept, practical in design and offer convenience with effective, reliable performance. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any queries you may have.

We aim to provide high quality, innovative cleaning products and swift efficient service, to create a happy working relationship with our customers.